We've recently started recording bands at the pH Community House.

We are NOT a studio by any means, nor are we professionals. Let us be very clear that we are no replacement for an actual recording studio. If you want a great sounding record, contact Valcour Sound, The Closet Studios, Teegarden Studios, or Black Box Studios - all are located around here in Tulsa.

With that being said, pH is a great sounding room and we are trying to make the best of this! Sometimes all a band needs is a space to record and a handful of microphones, which is all we have on us at the moment - along with a few interfaces & some software.

We have a makeshift portable recording setup, which is as unimpressive as this website, but the room truly speaks for itself! We'll make the best of what we have.

Samples of recording/mixes are available HERE.

Contact us for more info, open dates, cost, and additional audio samples!