APR 05 2017 | Pocket Vinyl (CT) / Damion Shade / Jhohn Arlie

(Norwich, CT)
New England's fabulous painting & piano-slamming duo POCKET VINYL returns to pH Community House for a nice spring evening filled with painting, singing, piano playing, conversing, and wonderful storytelling throughout.

Pocket Vinyl is trying very hard to be your favorite band!

You can listen to their prolific & profound discography below, as well as find more info on this intriguing duo.

Note: They also released a trailer for a 1st-person documentary around the time of this show, which you can view below via the "etc" link.

Another note: it's also worth checking out the webcomic hat Elizabeth (the painter) makes on the side. Funny, introspective, and neatly drawn! Check it out here & here & here.

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(Tulsa, OK)
Damion Shade is a folk/rock/blues singer-songwriter from the greatest parts of Tulsa. Establishing himself as a staple of the music community, he fronts the bands THE SAVAGE YOUNG & WE MAKE SHAPES, as well as hosts the weekly Yeti Writers Night every Tuesday at The Yeti, hosting a variety of local musicians, comedians, and artists.

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(Tulsa, OK)
Jhohn Arlie is a musician and visual artist responsible for the retro rock/pop band LA PANTHER HAPPENS. This was one of his first shows playing solo, and he played a variety of his own songs and a few La Panther songs.

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