DEC 29 2017 | Bonemagic / Zusammenbruch / Narco Alms / Indicator/Activator

BONEMAGIC's release show for "Sinew City/OsMagus."

(Tulsa, OK)
"Bonemagic aka Matt Hex is a one man sound destroyer and explorer of electronic manipulation and drum machine demolitions.

A project that was either aborted or birthed somewhere in the late 2000's and has dragged itself along with stubborn determination throughout various underground scenes and obscure niches ever since.

Like a personal self-invocated exorcism. Cathartic primal screams through overamped microphones and barely audible gutteral utterances sparring with effectabused drum machine rhythms, overbearing saw waves and fragments of sampled sounds eaten and regurgitated into obscenely un-necessary bitrates and frequencies.

Synth Invokation, Analogue Audio Manipulation, Digital Bit Destruction, High Voltage Control. In his own words "To Summon, To Conjure and To Channel" If you're a fan of the likes of early-Final, Whitehouse, The Haters, Foetus and the various associated projects - You'll love this.
Having played with the likes of Corrections House, The Body and former Amrep noisemetallers Today Is The Day. Bonemagic has carved his place in the American psyche...

*description by Boris Otterdam"
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(Oklahoma City, OK)
Zusammenbruch is a dark noise power electronics project on the opposite side of the spectrum of Sensitiv Southside Boy. Featuring industrial amelody & heavily manipulated voice & beat, Zusammenbruch is a steady stream of consciousness that is slowly going awry. You can view Zusammenbruch in operation here:
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(Tulsa, OK)
"Home-child leaves home for home, and gets lost on the way. This is the result."
(Tulsa, OK)
"minimalism chopped not slopped." darkened & polluted ethereal drone utilizing analog technology.


8PM | All Ages | $5 (or pay what you can!)

pH Community House
(fish mural)
306 S Phoenix Ave
Tulsa, OK 74127