JUL 19 2017 | Football, etc. / Speak, Memory / Junfalls / tba

(Houston, TX)
We'll let their press speak for itself...

stereogum – “They manage to find nuance in familiarity, treading the well-worn ground of treacly Midwestern rock with particular panache.” 

exclaim (CAN) – “All of the songs feature airy, floating vocals and beautifully layered guitar lines” 

already heard – “Every track here epitomizes what the band have been doing best for a while now: writing gentle, yet haunting, indie tracks, filled with the tangible emotion of Minton’s vivid lyricism.” 

Football, etc is a band from Houston, TX. They are shy and play loud. They just released a new album, titled "Corner," which you can hear below.


(Oklahoma City, OK)
"Oklahoma City’s SPEAK, MEMORY are living proof that raw talent, ambition and honesty can still prevail. Formed in 2011, by aligning their unwavering dedication to the do-it-yourself work ethic with a signature sound, SPEAK, MEMORY have helped to bring to light a style of music that not only is reminisce of the past but also adding twists and turns to make it their own. Stylistically eclectic songs suggesting a range of influences are what make SPEAK, MEMORY stand out. " 
- via facebook.com/speakmemoryok

Speak, Memory is intricate, passionate guitar work accompanied by rhythmic/arrhythmic bass & drum.


(Tulsa, OK)
Loud words + muddy guitars + one drummer drumming.