JUN 24 2017 | PDG (TX) / AP MFG / Junfalls

(Austin, TX)
“Once upon a time, a group of five pieces of trash rose out of the ashes like the holy phoenix & declared, ‘we’re not going to take this anymore!’, and they grabbed as many instruments out of the dumpster that they could find & they annoyed all their neighbors, now they r on tour.” 
- via pdgworld.net 

The PDG returns to pH! 

PDG is an accumulation of camaraderie, humility, comedy, and curiousity. It’s a group of friends formed in the northeast, coming to terms with their instruments in real time. PDG writes and plays dance-able punk rock music with a pop sensibility, at most times devoutly strange and at all times unpredictable. There is nothin’ not to like about the PDG, but be prepared that they may leave you with more questions than answers.


[Norman, OK / Tulsa, OK]
AP MFG is a multi-million dollar conglomerate that makes explosive audio acoustical devices.
[Tulsa, OK]
Jrjr plays music with loud words & muddy guitars.
a.k.a. junkfalls, juanfalls, janfels, junefalls, etcetc