MAR 13 2017 | Karima Walker (AZ) [dropped] / Susie McCombs / Hector Ultreras

(Tuscon, AZ)
Karima Walker is an experimental musician from Tucson, Arizona. Interweaving drone, field recordings, tape loops and traditional song structures she creates large, paced arrangements that provide a horizon for her minimal, ambient songwriting.

Wake the Deaf named Karima Walker's self-released 2016 cassette Hands in Our Names one of their favorite albums of the year. A newly remixed, resequenced and remastered vinyl edition of Hands in Our Names will be released on March 24, 2017 by Orindal Records.
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Here is a video of Karima performing live on The Trundle Sessions:

note: Due to issues with transportation, Karima Walker could not play this show. The show proceeded with Susie McCombs & Hector Ultreras.


(Tulsa, OK) Susie from Brother Rabbit sings and plays narrative, drawn-out songs from her journey-laden mind.


(Tulsa, OK)
Hector plays in a blues band called The Mules and has a few blues songs of his own.